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Were You Charged with a Marijuana-Related Crime?

Virginia may be set to reform its marijuana laws, but it’s still possible to be criminally charged for a cannabis-related crime. Although medical marijuana is legal and simple possession is de-criminalized, Virginians aren’t currently enjoying the looser restrictions of states like Colorado and California. Law enforcement is as vigilant as ever to enforce the state’s drug laws. You could get caught up in the criminal justice system for misinterpreting some of the new laws coming into effect.

At Virginia Hemp Lawyers, we can do more than help hemp growers with the legal matters concerning their business. If you’ve been charged with a cannabis-related crime, we can help you too. Attorney Tyson Daniel has past experience as a public defender and can help you fight your charges. With his understanding of Virginia's marijuana laws, Attorney Daniel has what it takes to help you seek justice when you’ve been accused.

If you were arrested and are facing charges, reach out to the Virginia cannabis criminal defense attorney at Virginia Hemp Lawyers. Contact us online or call (540) 401-5564 to schedule a free consultation.

Marijuana Possession Decriminalization in Virginia

Early in 2020, Virginia’s lawmakers moved to decriminalize simple possession of marijuana, defined as amounts of less than an ounce. Simple possession now imposes a $25 civil penalty.

The change in the law looks ripe to pass. However, the current state cannabis laws remain on the books, punishing simple possession to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. A second offense can land someone up to a year in jail and $2,500 in fines.

Other current marijuana charges that may soon be diminished or eliminated include:

  • Class 1 misdemeanor drug possession defined as having up to half an ounce
  • Class 5 felony possession defined as having more than half an ounce
  • Six-month driver’s license suspensions for adults convicted of possessing up to an ounce of marijuana
  • Employers and educational institutions are free to require applicants to disclose possession charges

Again, the above are laws currently in place that may soon be relaxed or eliminated by pending legislation. You can still be criminally charged with simple possession of marijuana in Virginia. Even after these laws are enacted, recreational marijuana isn’t legal – you can still be charged with a crime!

Reach out to a Cannabis Defense Lawyer in Virginia

If you need defense now or think you may need help in the future, reach out to a Virginia cannabis criminal defense lawyer immediately! At Virginia Hemp Lawyers, we are keeping a close watch on our state’s changing laws. We are constantly adapting our legal strategies to defend those who have been charged with possession of marijuana and other related crimes.

Founder of Virginia Hemp Lawyers, Tyson Daniel, is also a founding member on the board of directors and Vice President of the Cannabis Association of Virginia - better known as “CannaBizVA.” It’s a 501(c)(6) lobbying organization and information about the organization can be found at

Facing cannabis related criminal charges in Virginia? Contact us online to request a free consultation from our attorney. We can help you fight your charges!

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    As a business owner, we understand that your inventory is the main blood line of your business. We will make sure that you are legally compliant to sustain basic business operations.

  • We Think About Your Business

    Our experience can help up avoid any setbacks. Through experience, we are able to anticipate when set backs will arise and how to best handle them.

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